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Tarot Study Group

Tarot Study Group

Connect with our community of like minded Tarot lovers, study at your own pace, the outcomes have been outstanding!
The Purpose of our Tarot Study Group is to encourage you to learn easily, share generously and grow naturally.
The Aim is to provide information relative to all aspects of Tarot and encourage you to become a confident and competent Tarot Practitioners or just enjoy your weekly catchups.
You are required to have a deck of Ryder Waite Smith Tarot cards and access to Zoom with an excellent internet connection.
There is also a Facebook page to stay in touch.

1 hour per week

A$60 per month

Dream Catcher Workshop

Dream Catcher Workshop

Create a beautifully woven Dream Catcher as you learn the history and magic of the creation through the story of Grandmother Spider Woman.
After setting the scene with a sacred meditation, we start to understand what you are looking to manifest whilst weaving your Dream Catcher.
The ceremony of your masterpiece can assist in the reinvention of your life by changes within it.
Course materials are all included. Participants must be 12 years old and over.

2 hours

A$30 Online (Kits $30 including postage)

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