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Psychic Medium
Tarot/Oracle Consultant
Self-Empowerment Coach
Animal Dreaming Practitioner

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Hello, I'm glad you found me!

Di Day Inspires is a sanctuary for those seeking deeper connections

to themselves and the world around them.  I am dedicated to sharing

spiritual knowledge and esoteric practices to help guide you on your

path to happiness.

An experienced psychic medium, tarot & oracle consultant, life coach,

workshop facilitator, animal dreaming practitioner, natural success coach, aura reader, inspirational speaker & blogger.  Using a holistic approach to help you achieve your life goals becoming the best version of yourself.

My training has been extensive with some of the world's leading teachers including: William Whitecloud (Natural Success Coach/USA), Paul Jacobs (Mediumship/UK), Natalie Eden Walker (Mediumship/UK), Chris Drew (Mediumship/UK), Colette Baron-Reid (Clairvoyance/Canada), Lisa Williams (Clairvoyance/USA), Grant Isaac (Kabbalah/USA),

Scott Alexander King (Animal Dreaming/AUS), Rhys Wynn Davies (Mediumship/AUS), Nigel Eru (Mediumship/AUS), Ruanna Segal (Tarot/AUS), Anne Shotter (Tarot/AUS). 
Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia,

Member of Victorian Spiritual Union (VSU). 

Let me walk beside you as your spiritual companion.

Love Di xxx

"Inspiring clients to embrace their inherent strengths!"

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